A new feature-rich experience

Aurora – Symology’s brand new, future facing solution, combines the detailed levels of functionality, which our Insight product was renowned for, with the very latest technologies.

Aurora changes everything in asset and infrastructure management. Connecting teams and integrating information, it makes light work of even the most complex of challenges, delivering real benefits so that you can plan, deliver and review with confidence.

Aurora currently provides a comprehensive Street Works solution for the management and coordination of activities that could cause network disruption. For organisations operating in England, seamless integration with DfT Street Manager is provided. Facilities to manage Highways Act licences and Events such as charity marathons, carnivals and parade marches, are also fully catered for.

Street Works

Comprehensive functionality for both Traffic Managers and Works Promoters to manage the complete Street Works life-cycle. Facilities are provided to manage all Works Records, Notices, Permits, Inspections, Comments, FPN’s, Non-Works Activities and Co-ordination.

Fully Geo-Spatial

Aurora is a true geospatial solution, utilising the very latest mapping tools provided by the world’s leading GIS supplier – ESRI. Dynamic symbology, spatial view/update areas, query based map filters, Google Street View and WMS/WFS integration are some of the advanced facilities provided.


Aurora provides a wealth of dashboard widgets out-of-the-box, some are aimed at monitoring high level key performance indicators whilst others are provided to assist in driving operational workflows. Direct drill down to the supporting data records is provided with all dashboard widgets.

Mobile Working

Our mobile solutions enable inspectors/contractors to plan out their working day/week; utilise routing facilities, directions, maps and dashboard widgets to help minimise travel and carbon usage. The optimised user-friendly interface ensures all of the correct information can be easily captured. The solution is designed to operate on mobile phones or tablets, and in both online and offline modes.

Connectivity at its Core

In today’s world, real-time integration with other systems is an essential requirement. Aurora provides a full range of APIs enabling interaction with DfT’s Street Manager, Utility Works Management systems, Identity Management systems, corporate Finance Systems, corporate CRM systems, Public Web Portals and Mobile Apps.

Powerful Workflow

Out of the box configurations of optimised core business processes, tested with real-world users, enables Aurora to automatically guide a user through a workflow, simplifying implementations, safeguarding compliance and accelerating efficiencies. These configurations can be further customised using Aurora’s in-built workflow and notification facilities.

Community Portal

Aurora’s integrated Community portal provides access to an extensive range of knowledge base articles, facilities to suggest, vote on and monitor feature requests, keep abreast of Symology and Industry related news, and access to video based e-learning courses, complete with quizzes and certificates.

Easy to use

A huge amount of thought and effort has gone into the User Interface design of Aurora. In particular huge emphasis has been placed on ensuring that all day-to-day common operations can be carried out in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Job Role Oriented Design

Aurora has been designed from the ground up with it’s users fundamental to its core. Job roles are pre-configured and tailored to match all job role requirements ensuring a consistent approach across an organisation and minimising the impacts of role migration.

Built by experts

Our extensive experience, industry vision, user-focused approach and track record of providing proven solutions, has been channelled into the process of developing Aurora. Regular customer feedback has been sought during the development stage, providing the confidence that Aurora will help our clients streamline their business operations.

Cloud based

Aurora is a Cloud based solution hosted within the UK across multiple sites by Microsoft Azure. Aurora can be accessed 24/7/365 using any modern device via any modern browser with zero client footprint – providing the flexibility and mobility required in today’s modern and flexible world.


Aurora takes full advantage of Microsoft Azure’s multi-layered security across physical data centres, infrastructure and operations. State-of-the-art security facilities include customised hardware, with security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, plus added protections against threats such as DDoS.